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Account of the holdup and shooting of Constable O'Grady April 1866

Diagram of Nerrigundah at the time of the 1866 Holdup as recalled by  Charlie Stanford in 1967 - provided by Catherine Lawler

Nerrigundah Honour Roll 1939

Interview with Norman and Vin Dickinson 1981
Old Nerrigundah
Nerrigundah was one of the richest alluvial goldfields discovered in NSW and in 1866 the town population was 500.

Photo provided by Catherine Lawler, Information from "Behind Broulee" published under the authority of The Shire of Eurobodalla

Nerrigundah Bridge Opening

The opening of Nerrigundah Bridge by Cr. C. Moffitt, Shire President on May 6, 1949.

Cutting the ribbhon is Joe Jessop, Nerrigundah's oldest resident at the time.

Photo and information provided by Catherine Lawler

Eucalyptus still

Eucalyptus Distillery which operated about 1920.

Photo provided by Catherine Lawler

2011 Reunion

Past residents of Nerrigundah area gathered for a reunion, August 2011

Photo provided by Laurie Edebohls


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